Eduardo Villalobos
Executive Vice President
DolEx Dollar Express, Inc.,
Money Transfer Acquisition Inc. & Affiliates

Mr. Villalobos has extensive experience in the financial services and retail industries since 1996.

In 2010, as part of the Sr. Management Team led by Mario Trujillo and continuing the 2007 strategy of becoming one of the largest and the best electronic funds transfer companies; Mr. Villalobos participated in the search, planning, fundraising and execution of forming Money Transfer Acquisition Inc. (MTAI) and successfully completed the acquisition of DolEx Dollar Express, Inc. ("DolEx®") and United Europhil ("Europhil") in May of 2010. Both DolEx and Europhil are leading money transfer companies operating in the US and Spain markets, primarily serving the Mexico and Latin America corridors. This acquisition was carried out in partnership with Institutional Private Equity Investors, led by Palladium Equity Partners, Prudential, Adams Street Capital and Parish Capital. Mr. Villalobos is responsible for leading and managing all of MTAI's business efforts in Europe and is responsible for managing Europhil.


The Team

Mario Trujillo
President and CEO

Joseph Venezia
Sr. Executive
Vice President

Eduardo Villalobos
Executive Vice

Laybaa Hernandez
Chief Operations Officer

Patrick Bates
Chief Financial Officer
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